Coding changing the world

When we hear about "CODING", we tend to think that it must be something very sophisticated and difficult. While it indeed has many complex aspects to it, it is necessary to view it from a different perspective.

Coding is just like another language but is for computers. To make a computer understand a command given to perform a particular function, there needs to be an algorithm about how we can make a computer understand, and this is where "CODING" comes into being. There is a specific programming language to design the algorithm in making the computer understand.
The fact is that the very core systems of any digital device need some kind of code to run. We are using the results of coding in our very own cell phones in our day-to-day lives. We tap on an app and there opens the page we look for.


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Coding has existed since the first computers came into being. Until the last decade or so, coding was perhaps limited only to a niche of programmers and developers. Gradually over the decades, as our lives have become more intertwined with the digital world, coding is something that no longer is a niche subject.

Being a part of this 21st-century era, children have become automatically attached to the world of technology and in this digital world, kids, as well as students, need to learn about coding. Ranging from biologists, geologists, physicists, and countless other fields use coding in one form or the other to perform intricate calculations, to develop software specific to the particular study. The truth is that coding can be considered as a fundamental resource for almost every imaginable field of study. As coding becomes the root for a digitalized future, the new generation needs to get at least an overview of what coding is and why is this important.

Perhaps the most important necessity of coding in the present time is in the development of "Artificial Intelligence". We are living in a time where it is no longer science fiction. We are invariably using A.I. in our everyday life and a lot of us don even realize it. Ranging from our smartphones which use adaptive intelligence and make use of neural network APIs to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience, to different kinds of assistant services like Siri and Cortana, to automated cars, all use some kind of artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning is an aspect of coding which has revolutionized the Internet, and search engine optimizations have made our experience in the virtual world so much more enjoyable as compared to say, a decade ago. With the advancement in technology, this is understood by now that coding today is as important as it could be, and fortunately, we have just given our steps towards it. Coding allows thinking logically and structurally for a better tomorrow.
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