The importance of Computer Science Education for School Students

The Industrial Revolution changes the world, employs the needy, and started the race among countries to improve their economy and livelihood. It also pushes the use of new technology in their field which leads to the " Digital Revolution".

With an improvement in technology, it introduces the Computer to the world. The computer changes the world as it is included in every field of employment as it replaces non-skilled work with machines. In todays world computers have become a prominent part of the world. The key factor of a developed nation is their education, they adopted the technologies and implemented them in their education system thats why they gain merits on economic forums.

The introduction of Computer knowledge in education is todays need. Every Discipline like Finance, Health, Education, Space, etc runs on complex structures of computers, to handle this you need a skilled person. Looking at all these things Government of India has taken a step and introducedNew Education Policy 2020 which is an up-gradation of the National Policy on Education 1986, modified in 1992 (NPE 1986/92). “ It is based on the principle that education must develop not only.”

Introduction of computer in the early stage of student schooling helps the student to start learning computer more efficiently because in the student of the early age of 9 -10 has more grasping capacity than another adult person, as a student, he will be able to understand the basics of computer well.
For example, we all heard the name " Tanmay Bakshi (The Youngest 14 years old IBM Watson Developer in the world)" also started learning computer language at an early age.

As per NEP_2020, students were introduced to computer programming and focuses on practical knowledge to the students. A student introduced to computer science education his mind starts thinking in a computational way like the computer professional learns on the corporate level. But first, you must understand.

What does Computational Thinking mean?

Computational Thinking states various factors like applying
Logic (evaluating their decision)
Algorithm (setting up their rules, finding patterns), Decomposition(decompose the main problem into small problems), and
Abstraction (removing unnecessary details/content) in their problems

Computational thinking helps the student to try and test approach, create and design, debug the problems, persevering (keep working till it is done) and the last thing is teamwork.
In primary education, a student starts to apply these things in various subjects as well such as in English that motivates them to start writing their main events and identify their characters like in arts, music, and students use technology to improve their interest. In maths, students identify problems and finding solutions to those problems. The practical experience in programming can be best exercised and developed. This helps the student who wants to contribute to their future job possibilities although not all the students were going to join the Software Industry.



Another important thing is skilled professionals as compared to other countries like China & the US. According to stats, 90% of Indian Engineers lack the skills. There are various number opportunities that were always in the software industry, but they require skilled professionals and this starts with giving these skills early age.
So these are some important points that give you a hint that how Computer Science education is important in the school stage. As a parent you also want your children to start learning skills that are required in the professional world so that they can withstand the competition in the world.

To accomplish that we have started our initiative to start preparing the student from an early stage. There are various online coding platforms are available on the internet but I suggest you go with Codekaroyarro. Codekaroyarro is a very good platform to start your children’s coding experience, with professional experts teaches the children with understanding the mentality of the students.

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