Online learning is like a blessing during the COVID-19 crisis

In this blog we had research on how online learning proves helpful in gaining knowledge during this COVID-19 pandemic. In this lockdown period, there is a restriction for physical presence.
Online learning is a platform to start learning at your doorstep to avoid physical presence. This concept of online learning was introduced by Udacity&rsquos Sebastian Thrun which resulted in a drastic evolution over the old school method of gaining knowledge offline.

As we all are known with COVID-19, in which we are facing a lot of complications in our day-to-day life. Education facilities were closed due to lockdown which forced our education ministry to take advantage of online learning during lockdown to maintain the future of our youth in terms of learning.

Online learning is like an e-school or virtual school where teachers and students are connected with a web interface to create a classroom environment.

There are a lot more reasons “why Online Learning is like a blessing during COVID-19” such as
● Learning online is time-efficient as it does not need to travel for earning knowledge.
● Students with physical disabilities are more comfortable with this new trend of online learning during the lockdown.
● Resources for learning online are having a vast library to choose from according to your needs, as there are millions of educational products on the market which results in no breakage of the link of education during this huge pandemic.
● Online learning provides great flexibility for the students who are perceiving jobs as well as learning because of family commitments.
● Online learning provides education to any age category student who is willing to use this free time for learning.
● It is claimed that online courses are more pocket-friendly as compared to a traditional school, college, and university.
● One of the reasons why online learning proves a blessing is a way it delivers knowledge to students because it unlocks the step for the corporate world.
● As COVID-19 teaches us all to be self-dependent to lead solo so online learning holds a platform for self-learners.

In these difficult situations the whole globe is trying to overcome the losses that COVID-19 had done with all of us like the distance created from our natives is now good to interact because everyone is having time to connect. In the past years the entry of online students is 0.3 billion and now the staggering impact on global education is about to cross over 1.38

As we know during the covid19 pandemic the online learning is like a blessing to us and this will reflect the future of online learning. If you need to grab the trend we have specialized educational products with a faculty that are ready to serve you! All you need is to have an opportunity at Indias leading Online learning platform at Code Karo Yaaro!

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