Things to do for every kid in 2021

The Covid 19 scenario has proven to be a challenge to the vast majority of society, especially to the kids. They are all stuck at home during this pandemic and lost their outdoor playtime and fun. Let us look at how to heal this exhausted little mind confined in homeschooling. Hereabouts we go through some fun activities that kids should love, inspire, and enrich with talents. Yes, no worries with kids, here are some fun and creative ideas to keep your kids on track.

During this Pandemic period, the safest thing is to stay home, but all are disturbed inside the home and feel depressed. The best postscript to overcome this situation is going for a pleasure trip with all safety measures and awareness. Depending upon your kids interests pick the right choice of destination. Never forget to choose one of the safest places for your exploration and never take a risk with children. Travelling could help kids to explore the world, see the diversity, and get valued time with family.
Break out the Board Games
Through the board game, we can unplug the kids in the digital world for a while. Furthermore, board games are an alternative to time out and build the parent-child relationship and, interpersonal relationships with peers.Besides, board games play an important role in teaching children about teamwork, patience, healthy competition about how to succeed and how to lose, developing cognitive skills, benefiting childrens brains, and language development. Some of the popular board games are Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble, Astro Trash, Taboo, Jenga, etc, are ideal realistic choices for children.

Learning a life skill, through kids loved recipes! Yummy...?
This is another pastime to entertain your kids at home by cooking their meals. Find some easy recipes for kids and give them the instructions and allow them to do themself. For example, decorate the cake or put toppings of pizza like things. Through cooking, children can learn a lot such as, able to follow instructions in the recipe, math skills & accuracy by measuring the ingredients, and self-confidence, if their food comes up well.
Tiny ChefTiny Chef like online cooking platforms is available right now, to teach kids cooking in an engaging and fun way.

Coding/Do a Learning Activity
Computer programming is one of the upcoming trending skills therefore pre-coding is another item in the suggestion list for your child in 2021. This should not seem like a big deal, kids can learn coding through their piece of interest, like gamings, stories, puzzles, etc.
Learn to code in kids can improve lots of valuable skills, such as problem-solving skills, organization, critical thinking, creativity, focusing, and more, enabling them to lead successful lives & careers.
By designing games, creating animation stories, solving puzzles, and a lot of fun & hands-on learning activities kids can learn coding without any sense of learning. Many online platforms can help children innovatively develop coding skills like Code Karo Yaroo.

You can introduce kids to nature, like plant a seed by your kid, nurture the plant delicately, watering them daily, and patiently waiting for the fruit! Through this long process, they aware of the necessity and happiness brought by nature. Nature-based other activities such as bird watching, making a bird feeder, pet care, wildflower explorations, playing in the river like water sources, fishing, learn to swim, climbing on a tree, etc are refresh the mind of kids with a healthy touch.
Eco-friendly outdoor activities, like making a boat or playhouse with the trash, etc, helps to gain the childs awareness about waste disposal, maintenance, and reuse. In brief, nature-friendly activities mold valuable future generations.

A good book, movie, or TV show
Anytime is good for a book and TV shows and, these will increase kids knowledge (cultural and other), brain development, creativity, language skills, emotional attitude, and relationship strengthening. Every kids story or movie gives some valuable message or funny moments to our kids and encourage their visions.
Many childrens channels and OTP platforms such as Netflix (with special kid screens) are open for children to watch what they are interested in. Also, kids can find out the books they want online through Amazon Free Kids eBooks, International Childrens Digital Library and, many more similar sites.

Do a Science Experiment
Children are the inborn scientist and, doing scientific experiments at home will increase their innovative mindset and pave the way to becoming a real scientist. You can do kids-friendly scientific experiments at home with your everyday household items! Through these kids can connect the real-world phenomenon with Science, understanding the root and amazed. If your kids are not interested in Science, this is the best way to get them interested. If they have not come up with Science experiments, we can earn their attention by doing magics, I am not mentioning here how some magics are originated...! (Science)

Every child is an artist, Crafting is a creative category, where kids can make different shapes, flowers, sculptures, or any art. In our childhood, we make a lot of paper boats and airplanes, in the same way, our kids too. But more ahead, you can find out a lot of crafting ideas online, which describe step by step in a way kids can easily follow. DIY-style YouTube channel 5-Minute Crafts is one of the best platforms for crafting ideas.

" Craft out of waste material" is a great approach to reuse things while practicing creativity. This pocket-friendly concept teaches kids to recognize the fact that everything has value. Crafting can help kids to improve their creativity, instruction to follow skills, organization, and planning skills.
There are a plethora of other activities like puzzle solving, outdoor gaming, learning to play musical instruments, and so on. I didn’t go through them in detail.
2021 will be a productive year for all children and will make them competitive for future survival. Never compel them for anything, " Play is the highest form of research". Let them do the things that make them happy! The only duty of you is to discover what that is and to bring it about.

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