Top 10 Coding Platform in India


Codekaroyarro we have a great online learning platform for kids, freelancers, and many more categories. We are providing excellent learning schemes at very affordable charges.
Codekaroyaaro is Indias first online school of Computer Science, where we train your kids for their rising future in different Coding Languages.
They have the most experienced faculty members serving their knowledge like Web Development, Mobile App Development, Artificial Intelligence, Python Programming, Game App Development, etc.
Codekaroyarro is the only virtual place where your kids can grab their future early in Computer Science with trustworthy back support under the guidance of our faculty members. You can join our demo class absolutely free of cost just click here.

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2. Code Academy

Code Academy is focused on teenagers as well as kids to train a new future in India. They have served more than 45 million trainees in the past seven years. Code Academy the excellent faculty members will like to serve our knowledge to you in schemes like Web Development, Programming and Computer Science, Data Science, etc. and many more in upcoming years.
Code academy is a place where teenagers get proper guidance to decide what they are interested to do in the future and can upgrade their skills as per their interest.

3. Pluralsight

Pluralsight focused on older students to guide them for their future professional life ahead. We serve here many courses like C language, Core Python, Javascript, and more programs. Here your skill stands and masters the latest technologies to show off your skills that are experts with our team.
Pluralsight is an online platform for older students who need to learn about Computer Science according to the needs of this new era of the computerized world. Their faculty ensures you about your earnings in computer languages.

4. Udemy

Udemy is amongst the biggest platforms for every age category, your ambition is always accepted to learn the latest skills to earn your professional goals. Here we serve over 130,000 courses with expert-level instructions. You can have lifetime access to the courses. Here you can join us as an instructor and serve your audience so that you can boost up your confidence.

5. Coursera

Coursera is the dominating online learning program across the globe, with 3,900+ courses and specialization courses, 20+ Degrees and MasterTrack certificates, and 13+professional certificates. Coursera are having the leading universities and companies that are helping you to build skills with world-class faculty members.
They have collaboration with 200+ leading universities and companies like Google, IBM, Stanford, Duke, etc. You can learn the latest skills in business analytics, graphic design, python, etc. We ensure you upskill your organization. Presently 70+ million people are already learning on Coursera.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is all about maths so, Computer science is used in creating an algorithm. They are focused on all age criteria students which are interested in earning knowledge like Computer Programming, Computers and the Internet which includes courses like Digital information, Online data Security, Intro to JS, HTML/CSS, intro to SQL and more programs as well.

7.Code Ninjas

Code ninjas make coding fun, we are mostly focused on kids where your kid can become a code ninja at our worldwide centers. They make coding fun by a pictorial game-based curriculum which is popular to upgrade your kids valuable skills in the early days. Our schemes help students all over the globe to make at-home coding, which boosts up their problem-solving and critical thinking skills while having fun in an interactive environment.

8. Internshala

Internshala is an online mode of certification courses where knowledge is earned in the form of internships. Internshala serves more than 10,000 internships for free, here is a wide choice of computer courses, and many other fields related courses are available for you. We also have freshers jobs just at your fingertips to work with your dream companies.


Code Avengers has divided their courses according to the skill sets of junior, pro, or educators. They try to need and are loaded with the new world updated courses in a fun and effective way of online learning. They provide courses like Python, HTML & CSS, Javascript, etc.

10. Think Big Coding

Think Big Coding is a British pattern coding school, which brings classrooms to your windows. We are focused on elementary learners to make these days basic with coding that helps in pushing their future in a very interactive way of learning.
They are having cybersecurity courses, WordPress, Python-based classes like intermediate, basic, advance which helps in building childrens knowledge from intermediate to advanced. Their schemes are based on interactive stories, games, and animation which can build interests amongst children.
These are the top 10 online coding platforms in India.