Top 10 Programming Language in 2021

In this Technological era, without a doubt, we can say Human-computer conversations are more significant than human-to-human communication. YES…. The programming language is a vital part of all kinds of developments and existence in almost every discipline, and learn coding is an inevitable skill in this modern technological epoch.
According to Wikipedia, there are almost 700 Programming languages, and the most explored question is: “What are the best programming languages that demand most in 2021&rdquo. Here are the topmost potential programming languages in 2021.

1. Python

Artur Yolchan, the Senior Software Engineer and owner of the website Coding Skills, says: “Python will probably be the most favorite programming language for developers in 2021”
Python and only 19.1 % & 8.2 %, respectively for Java and JavaScript. Exactly..., Python is a popular and versatile high-level programming language considering its features like simple syntax, readable code, robust standard library support, GUI Programming support, Compatible with Major Platforms and Systems, etc. Moreover, Python is a free, open-source, general-purpose language.

Python is used in Web applications, software development, game modifications, embedded applications, Scientific & computational applications, business applications, etc., as well as several trending technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & visualization, etc. And well-known organizations like Google, NASA, YouTube use Python for them for varies development purpose. Python developers with few years of experience can earn an average annual salary of about 8 lakh rupees per annum in India.

2. Java

• Java is a higher-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, now acquired by Oracle. It is an object-oriented language with some resemblance to C++ and C#, but many security features. The framework, online community support, automatic memory allocation & garbage collection of Java make it more popular. Java programs are interpreted by Java Virtual machine, which runs on multiple platforms.
• The main applications of Java are Android development,Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Scientific Applications, etc. Also, Famous websites like Adobe, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, Flipkart, and many others are using JAVA.
• In Modern technological standards, "Java is the number 1 choice for developers", and the average salary for Java developers can get is $94,565 per annum.


• In the realm of Android developers, Kotlin Caught up the highest rank. Kotlin is a new generation, multi-purpose language, the first official 1.0 released in 2016. It is planned for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and android that combines object-oriented and useful programming highlights. Also, Kotlin is a general-purpose, free, open-source programming language with type inference. Compared with Java, Kotlin is a mature language, easy to learn & develop, Multi-platform, and safer than Java. Many of the apps are migrated to Kotlin from Java recently, and the prominent are Pinterest, Postmates, Evernote, Coursera, Uber, Corda, etc.
• The Dice data analysis report (late 2018 report) below shows that employment had increased 15-fold in the Kotlin field and the average salary is $136,575/year.

4. Swift

• Swift is developed by Apple Inc. and released in 2014, it is a replacement for Apples earliest programming language Objective-C. Swift built with an open-source framework and a powerful programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and ahead. In Swift coding, the syntax is concise interactive, thereby easier to code and learn. Another pros of Swift code is safe and fast. It suits mainly to create an iOs app within a short time like WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, SoundCloud, and the game Flappy Bird use this. Besides Lyft, LinkedIn, Coursera, Pandora, Vimeo, Twitter, Fitbit, Groupon, Facebook, Uber, etc. uses swift nowadays.
• According to the latest Stack Overflow Developer Survey, only 6.6 percent of the 87.354 respondents use Swift. Only a few have hands-on experience with this language is have, so the demands are great and Swift developers with a few years of experience can earn nearly US$ 83.5k per annum.


• C# is holding 4th position at TIOBE ranking position, the list of top programming languages. This general-purpose programming language has strong libraries, faster compilation, and complete integration with the .NET library and is developed by Microsoft primarily for its .Net framework.
• C # is for developing game & Windows applications, server-side applications, etc. Companies like Intellectsoft, Capgemini, etc., are using C# for various developments, so without a doubt, you can learn this demanded language in 2021, expecting a lot of opportunities with an average salary per annum of 68.5k $.

6. C and C++

• In the TIOBE Index of 2020, C and C ++ ranked in the top 5 programming languages, and both are high-performance languages.
• C is one of the oldest commonly used languages, and the base of C++, C#, Java, and Java script evolved from C. Many new programmers believe C programming is outdated, although some others still rely on learning C and C++, a pre-requisite to developing a hard root in Computer Science and Programming. Confident coders in C or C++ can learn any other programming languages with less effort. So the demands in the market lie on this fact.
• C, a general-purpose procedural programming language, used in operating systems development, kernel development, etc. On the other hand, C++ is an object-oriented programming language as a modified form of C, is majorly used in Game Development, GUI & Desktop applications, client/server applications, and Competitive Programming, and so on. For the above two languages, knowledge of computer functions such as memory management is an essential thing.
• According to Data Flair, C and C++ programmers will get approximately 2-30 lakhs per annum in India now.

7. Go

• Go is a statically typed programming language, aims to be modern and developed by Google. It has flexible coding, syntactically similar to C, and diverse features such as garbage collection, rich standard library, dynamic-typing, type safety, quick outcome, concurrency, and many more. The Go Playground, reply. it, etc. are various online IDEs of Go, which can be used to run Go programs without installing.
• Go used in Cloud Computing and distributed systems because of its multithreading supports also, it supports networked and multicore computing. Companies relying on Go as their programming language are Google, Uber, Dropbox, and Cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, and so on. Go is in its early stage, hence wider scopes and, an average salary of an experienced developer is $110.5 k /year.

8. PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor)

• PHP is a server-side scripting language primarily suited for web applications. It is a back-end development language for many notable websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo, etc. PHP is easy to learn for a freshman and great scope in the future.
• PHP developers can get an average salary of 65k $ per year.

9. R Language

• Increasing the scope of data science and machine learning, the language R comes to the top positions of demanding computer languages, known as a future of programming.
It is an open-source programming language with an enormous set of libraries and frameworks. R can easily integrate with several data processing technologies like Hadoop & Spark. Also, cross-platform compatibility, highly extensible, strong graphical capabilities, distributed computing, etc., make R a good data science platform.
• In Data flourished world, R is a rival language for many others and hard to learn. An average salary of an R developer is $130,327/year.

10. Ruby Language

“ Ruby is simple in appearance, but is very complex inside, just like our human body” -Rubys creator Yukihiro Matsumoto.
• Ruby was designed and developed in the mid-1990s, and this general-purpose language mostly used developing web applications, data analysis, prototyping, and proof concept. Ruby is widely used for websites like Airbnb, Hulu, Github, and Kickstarter. Ruby is an easy language to learn within a short period, creates more opportunities for young developers. The average salary for a Ruby developer is approximately $93 k per annum.
• The relevancy and demand of any language lie in the current market requirements. Luckily an interested programmer can easily learn any programming language with some effort. The only need is a skill. The best way to create a skill is to learn from the root and learn as a child. World-wide so many institutes provide a good base for programming and the best part many of such institutes have an online education facility. So we can make our skills from home and upgrade our skills in this competitive market.
“ All of my friends who have younger siblings who are going to college or high school - my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.” - Mark Zuckerberg
So, these are the top 10 programming languages in 2021.

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