The Top 10 Skills children should learn in 2021

We want our children to be ready for the future, every parent wants to prepare their children in every way, educationally and socially.

There is research by the World Economic Forum on which skills are essentially required. By keeping in mind, we should develop the necessary skills in them.


In this blog, I will tell you the top 10 skills that you should teach children in 2021.

1. Analytical Skills

This is the skill that collects, analyses information, and takes a decision. The analytical skill covers various aspects like active listening and understanding, Problem sensitivity, Communication, etc.

The parent can develop this capacity by starting communicating with children, ask him a question regarding a problem, wait for them to answer, ask their approach, and ask them to find out the solutions.

2. Creativity

Creativity is a crucial skill that every person should develop. It shows your true potential, imagination, and solution-based thinking. Many children have that creativity, but with the educational system, we lose many of them.

Parents should give much importance to this skill, it differentiates the children from other children and helps them to become successful. In many organizations, these creative skills come very handily.
For example, companies evaluate a young candidates imagination ability.

3. Team Coordination

Team Coordination skill is a collective utilization of brain, physical abilities with a synchronized group effort to achieve common goals. These skills are crucial in the workplace where a different person is working with you at the same time. These skills can be developed in childhood by giving group activities, sports, etc.

4. Critical Thinking

This is another key skill that you should take care of, the school curriculum hardly focuses on their thinking capabilities. Critical Thinking is a disciplined process of analyzing, applying, gathering information, and making a decision accordingly. As students grow as young person this critical thinking becomes very important as an organization look at professionals who have these skills.

For example, In Defense Forces. Officers give aspirants, some situations, and analyze their thinking capabilities.

5. People Management

People management is an important skill that uses the full potential of a workgroup to achieve goals. As a child, people management skills are already present as they have convincing capabilities, but sometimes with emotional behavior, they lack these skills. Activities outside the classroom can be useful in building the capacity and adding a new level of thinking when comes to teamwork.

6. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be mindful of, control, and express ones feelings and to handle interpersonal connections reasonably and empathetically.

This is another important skill that the school environment has never addressed and even sometimes parents as well, but we should have to look at what children are thinking? In which state of mind, he/she is in?. Emotional Intelligence helps in developing relations, understanding the other persons feelings, and making a decision accordingly.

7. Time Utilization

Time Management makes more productive, less work stress, improved quality of life, and more opportunities and career growth.

Children were always busy completing the school curriculum and then tutions classes. So proper utilization of time is always necessary, but as a parent, we should take care of that by giving some tips to them to manage time ex. Providing timetables, etc.

8. Information on Emergency Services.

Information on Emergency services is a vital skill that every child should know. In unfriendly circumstances, children should be aware of the options that you have and protect his and other life.

Knowing emergency services always useful you never know when you need them. The Indian school system never gives importance to such topics, but other countries give and conduct drills on them. I hope one day it also starts in India, but till that day every parent must teach their children how to react or what mandatory steps were taken in such an unfriendly situation.

9. Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness is a social issue and in a country like India people always protective regarding trees, forests, and animals, but as human civilization evolving a new age, children are missing this vital skill. As a parent, we should take care of and teach them the sacraments to our children.

This is a social skill that develops the children emotionally that honors nature and protects them.

10. Adaptability

Adaptability is the ability to change to fit up in a different situation. Growing as children, adaptability skill children manage to evolve mentally, emotionally. As a person, you never stay in one place. So adaptability is an emotional skill, that no one will teach you that.The adaptability skill also develops other skills like teaching resilience, believing in self-decision.

As time changes these skills will also change, but these skills will help you to become future-ready.

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