Teaching coding in schools is time's need

This blog is all about how Coding is important to be taught in schools. According to my research, most educated parents want their kids in the computer science field so they want to start early with coding. They need coding to be a subject in schools so that their kids can have an idea about coding in school days.

Here in India from 2018 there is a great technical revolt, that took most of the crowd towards IT sectors. Here great opportunities are for your kids, having a start with coding after boards is not that dealing with future needs. Kids can have coding early in school. Having skillsets of coding can help them to create that resume more strongly as per future needs. Programming is a growing occupation in India. Earning coding skills can boost up any career, so Im presenting 5 reasons why teaching coding in schools is needed

5 reasons why teaching coding in schools is time’s need


1. E-commerce is growing rapidly across India.
2. Coding skills magnetize high revenue.
3. Coding skills improve capacity to deal with complexity.
4. The need for cybersecurity has grown.
5. We are spending more on computer science than ever.

Lets elaborate these reasons,

1. E-commerce is growing rapidly across India.
According to research, India will reach US$99 billion in the e-commerce sector by 2024. The E-commerce sector will be expanding at a 27% CAGR, with grocery fashion and daily basis products. India is likely to reach about a 10.7% increment in online sales by 2024. This sector will be used on a daily basis in the future with several opportunities.
2. Coding skills magnetize high revenue.
ICT gives opportunities with high wages, earnings will increment further. Technical earnings are possible if you have coding skills. Skill sets of coding will never be wasted in this new era with high needs of IT engineers, where basic need in daily life gadgets is coded with programming languages.
3. Coding skills improve the capacity to deal with complexity.Having coding skills can improve the brains capacity to deal with critical imagination to have control in code lines, which makes a program more efficient. Having a start with coding at an early age helps in improving IQ level with an ability to think logically. Here we are training the brains of your kids which can match future needs.
4. The need for cybersecurity has grown.Here we are more than with personal as well as confidential business data which needs to be perceived more securely, so there is a great demand for coders in cybersecurity. Here opportunities are only for coders which can have skill sets. The number of cybersecurity jobs has been increased by 98% in India. Go with coding and have your future in Cyber Security which is one of the highest-paid jobs. 5. We are spending more on computer science than ever.
In India, we are spending more on information technology-based gadgets in our daily-based gadgets. Code driven gadgets are the future need, it has been reached around $93 billion by the end of 2019. People feel that cloud storage is a more safe place for their data and this results in buying cloud space on many platforms. We are surrounded by Code driven things in our environment. In the future, the demand will be raised by 50%. Highly technical products are costlier and thats what our future is full of.
These are some of the future needs-based reasons for teaching coding in schools.

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